2nd International Congress with Innovation Fair

Sustainable Management In Action

19-20 September 2005, University of Geneva, UNI MAIL

Why exhibit at SMIA or visit it?

SMIA05 clearly shows the benefits, provided by environmental technologies and sustainable services in private and public enterprises, i.e. cost reductions, avoidance and minimisation of risks, etc. SMIA05 will therefore set up a more powerful communication between suppliers and buyers, allowing acceleration of the marketing and use of the above technologies and services.

SMIA05 will become the first exhibition in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, covering a broad range of sustainable management. Backed by the International Congress SMIA05, it will attract professional visitors and experts from all over the world, including Eastern Europe and developing countries.

To exhibitors, the exhibition gives access to new markets and to their profound understanding. To visitors, it provides the contact with leading technologies and innovative solutions.